Best Website Hosting for Small Businesses

Superfast web hosting for online stores and eCommerce websites

A2 Hosting is available from £3.11 per month if you pay for at least 2 years in advance, but it’s still under £4 for a 1 year plan. This gives you everything you need to get your website up and running, with strong security against hacks and plenty of advanced options to grow your website.

Where A2 really comes into its own is supporting your small business as it grows into a big business. The upgrade potential makes it really easy for you to handle ever-increasing traffic, handle spikes in activity from your marketing campaigns and even build out a network of websites if you need to. They also offer dedicated WordPress hosting and hosting for eCommerce websites.

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Cheap website hosting with amazing customer service

TSO Host provides simple website hosting for less than £3 per month, which is perfect for a small business or personal blog.

TSO provides dedicated WordPress hosting and for those selling their products and services through an eCommerce website, the Cloud web hosting option is the one to go for.

What really sets them apart is the online customer service, which is particularly useful if terms like CSS and Javascript are completely alien to you. After all, you’ve got enough on your plate running your business, you don’t need to become a web developer too.

Thankfully, the support team are very knowledgeable and will happily take care of small fixes and updates to the backend of your site for free. They will also often recommend suitable plugins and add-ons to your site too, something you will be familiar with if you use WordPress.

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